PJ.elements Sale! 20% off all commissioned work in June*

Walking down the High Street the other day I saw every other shop had a sale or promotion on. I thought if retailers can do it then so can I!

So for the month of June I am offering 20% off both my half day and full day rate*. This offer applies to my existing clients and new prospective customers alike.

Examples of my work include scoping funds for protects and charities, project development, grant applications, crowdfunding strategies and fundraising campaigns along with environmental and community photography.

To discuss a project or an idea you might have in mind and to get a quote please contact me.

Email: Pete.johnstone@pjelements.co.uk

Tel: 07842 572632

NB. Prospective new customers please note that I normally ask for a written brief or outline of what you require before I can quote for the work.

* Discount does not apply to travel costs, subsistence or other similar expenses. 20% discount only applies to work commissioned in June 2015.

Payment terms are 14 days on receipt of invoice.

East of England Biodiversity Forum

The East of England Biodiversity Forum held an enjoyable and informative funding event  at Swavesey Village College, near Cambridge.

The focus of the day, chaired by Steve Scott of the Forestry Commission was funding for biodiversity.  Presentations on heritage funding, landscape partnership schemes and Leader funding came from Stuart Hobley, Heritage Lottery Fund, Mark Nokkert, Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership Scheme and Catherine Weightman, from Natural England.

The tour of  the RSPB Fen Drayton Lakes reserve led by  Chris Hudson. Chris outlined the benefits of organisations being involved in the Ouse Washes Landscape Partnership and the potential of engaging with a greater range of people living and working near the reserve.

Photo:  Fen Drayton Lakes © Pete Johnstone

3rd March 2015


The End of World War 2: Small grants fund (Cambridgeshire only)

Summer 2015 marks the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War 2. Cambridgeshire County Council has announced a small grants fund to encourage community activity.

Although only up to £500 these grants could be usefully used by community groups, charities, allotment groups, local museums and other groups to promote and encourage community activity linked to this important anniversary.

Deadline: Two rounds 9th February and 9th March 2015

Details: Cambridgeshire World War 2 grants

Photo: Bottisham Airfield Museum: Pete Johnstone

Accelerator – crowdfunding artists

Launched in August 2014, Accelerator is the new crowdfunding platform for creative people.

Developed by Ideas Tap, and arts charity and funder, Accelerator is offering artists a way to raise project funding themselves, without the normal commission fees normally charged by other crowdfunding platforms. Let’s hope that this new crowdfunding platform can get enough publicity and backing to become a valuable supporter of the arts.

Sponsored by the Peter De Haan Charitable Trust, Accelerator will accept campaigns relating to the arts including photography, film, visual arts, journalism and writing and publishing.

Details:  Ideas Tap

The UK’s largest art project celebrating the environment and promoting sustainability

The UK’s largest art project celebrating the environment and promoting sustainability.

Open to anyone aged 4 – 19 years old.

Can you encourage young people to be involved in this forward thinking initiative to celebrate their local environment through Art?

Participants (aged 4 – 19 years) are invited to bring their local landscape, coastline or neighbourhood to life to celebrate where they live. Artworks will be shared on the projects online gallery with submissions closing at the end of May to conclude with the lead up to the UN World Conservation Day on the 5th June 2015

Details : http://www.itisourworld.org.uk/

Deadline: End of May 2015

2020VISION New Beginning Symphony

2020VISION’s aim has always been to convey the value of restoring our fragmented natural habitats and show that healthy ecosystems are not just for wildlife, but are fundamental to us all.

The New Beginning Symphony which has previously only been shown as part of the 2020VISION Roadshow is now available on Vimeo to the general public.

Set against a beautifully composed symphony by Thao Nguyen, New Beginning was produced in partnership with the National Youth Orchestra of Wales and the Music Director, Martyn Ford. To me  the the symphony and accompanying video is an inspiring and emotional call to action, making the case for repairing, reconnecting and restoring Britain’s nature. Play it loud and enjoy!

The 15 minute New Beginning video can be viewed here 

The symphony is available for public screening for a small licence fee. If you are interested in showing the video at your event please contact 2020VISION Coordinator Pete Cairns;peter@2020v.org Please mention PJ.elements in your request.

More info on 2020VISION 

Photo credit; David Tipling, 2020VISION


(SMARTER) Environmental Communications (UK)

A photographer friend of mine Niall Benvie has just launched his new website and it is a pleasure to review and promote it here.

Niall is famous for his photography especially his meet your neighbours project where it aims to reconnect people to wildlife on their own doorsteps, to enrich their lives and to make the point that you do not have to travel far to see wonderful wildlife, as quite often, it is near where you live.

However, what I really like about Niall’s work is his environmental messages he uses in his work and with his clients. To my mind the environmental sector needs more thought provoking and powerful messages  to get  ideas across – call it advertising or marketing but, all round, we need smarter green communication to reach a mass public audience.

I hope you enjoy dipping in to Niall’s website and don’t miss out on his work for 2020VISION and his Rewilding Childhood images under Stock photography.

Niall can be contacted at: niall@niallbenvie.com

Water Life Photo/images: Niall Benvie ©

2020VISION and Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth is delighted to be working with 2020Vision, an inspiring photography project showcasing inspiring initiatives that aim to reconnect and repair damaged habitats. The exhibition is a striking visual confirmation of what Friends of the Earth works so hard to achieve.

2020Vision’s fresh thinking about conservation strikes a chord with how Friends of the Earth sees things differently.

We know the world faces huge environmental problems, but we also know there are ways to fix these problems.  As the 2020Vision Roadshow so clearly shows we live in a beautiful world, one we depend on, so we need to keep in good shape. We’re working to ensure that the things in nature that you most cherish can be enjoyed for generations to come and we’d love to see what you’re most inspired by.

We want to see what in the natural world is most precious to you.  The one thing in you can’t image life without. Text us your photo to 88600 with the word EARTH for a chance for your image to feature in our Picture the Earth event later this year. What’s more you could win a copy of the 2020Vision Photography book.

Kat Heath
Friends of the Earth

For more information about our work and the Picture the Earth project please visit www.foe.co.uk

Award winning Lings Watch Group, Northamptonshire

An enjoyable afternoon was spent a few weeks back in the company of Susan Evans, one of the leaders of the Lings Wildlife Watch Group, which last year scooped the UK Watch Group of the Year award.

The picture shows Susan and some of the group at the Summer Leys nature reserve where the afternoon was spent bird watching, identifying the late summer berries coupled with just a little bit of running about enjoying the outdoors.

The photograph by Pete Johnstone was taken for the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire Wildlife Trust magazine.

Images from the UK’s most ambitious nature photography project!

Feast your eyes over some of these images recently featured in the Telegraph.


If anyone is interested in hosting the 2020VISION Roadshow please contact me.

The book it can be obtained from: http://shop.theaa.com/store/anywhere-and-everywhere-1/2020vision