PJ.elements and Spacehive join forces to help deliver green projects

PJ.elements has joined forces with Spacehive, the world’s first crowd funder for public space projects who are already helping neighbourhoods raise funds to transform local spaces.

Our aim now is to make Spacehive the leading crowd funder for green and environmental projects in the UK and to support environmental organisations and urban and rural communities to undertake their own online fundraising.

Our new service will enable umbrella environmental organisations to have their own branded Initiative page on the Spacehive website. Chris Gourlay Founder and Chief Executive for Spacehive said, “Spacehive’s new partner accounts offer powerful tools for green and environmental organisations. Not only do they allow you to reach a wider pool of funders for projects, they can help to foster a stronger sense of collaboration around the work you do – whether creating pocket parks, wildlife habitats, or walking trails.”

“A number of leading green organisations have already signed up as partners, but with crowdfunding it’s the more the merrier. So I hope you’ll join our growing community as we work to build Britain’s most vibrant network of doers dedicated to improving our environment.”

Pete Johnstone, owner of the environmental consultancy PJ.elements said, “Spacehive offers an exciting new way to reach your friends and supporters and to offer them the opportunity to choose the projects that they would like to support. There are no guarantees to fundraising success but with good marketing, the Spacehive route offers a viable and alternative way to fundraise for specific projects and to raise the profile of your cause.”

For more information visit the Spacehive FAQs page. For information about setting up an initiative account please email Pete Johnstone – pete.johnstone@pjelements.co.uk