Crowdfunding news

Crowdfunding News

If your community group is thinking of setting up a community business, such as a shop, woodland, community centre or village hall and you want to undertake a community share issue to make it happen, then consider the Power to Change fund.

The fund can potentially offer up to £6000 to help pay for building surveys, administration and legal fees. However, to access the funding, you will need to raise the match funding through crowdfunding.

More information from the Crowdfunder platform here.

Nesta, the innovation foundation, who have been keen on crowdfunding for some years now are launching their Matched Funding for Heritage and the Arts report in London the 12th October.

Matched crowdfunding by public institutions, corporate organisations, Charitable Foundations and a few local authorities is becoming increasingly common, so the findings of this report will be valuable in identifying best practice as to how the pilot project raised their funds from the crowd.

Further details to be found here.

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